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iPad Keyboard Case for New 2018 iPad, 2017 iPad, iPad Pro 9.7, iPad Air

iPad Keyboard Case for New 2018 iPad - 2017 iPad - iPad Pro 9.7 - iPad Air 1 and 2 - BT Backlit Detachable Quiet Keyboard - Slim Leather Folio Cover - 7 Color Backlight - Apple Tablet
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iPad Keyboard Case for iPad 2018 (6th Gen) - iPad 2017 (5th Gen) - iPad

iPad Keyboard Case for iPad 2018 (6th Gen) - iPad 2017 (5th Gen) - iPad Pro 9.7 - iPad Air 2 & 1 - Thin & Light - 360 Rotatable - Wireless BT - Backlit 7 Color - iPad Case with Keyboard (9.7 - Black)
Ipad keyboard case for iPad 2018 (6th Gen) - iPad 2017(5th Gen) - iPad Pro 9. 7 - iPad Air 2 & 1 - thin & light – 360 rotatable - Wireless/BT - Backlit 7 color - iPad case with keyboard (9. 7, Black)
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Favormates Keyboard Case for iPad 2018 (6th Gen) - iPad 2017 (5th Gen) -

Favormates Keyboard Case for iPad 2018 (6th Gen) - iPad 2017 (5th Gen) -iPad Air 1 - Thin & Light - Aluminum Alloy - Wireless BT - Backlit 7 Color - iPad Case with Keyboard (only for 9.7 inch ipad)
Favormates Wireless Keyboard Case for 2017 iPad 9.7" (5th Gen) / iPad AIR / 2018 New iPad 9.7" (6th Gen) - A protective keyboard case perfect for typing and reading. Intelligent Switch on/ off keyboard.Turn on: open the keyboard cover, the keyboard turn on automatically and all the indicator flashing on the keyboard.Turn off: close the keyboard cover, the keyboard will enter into sleep mode automatically. Great Connection and Portable design.1. Steady connection keyboard to let you type fast on iPad. (Click the combination key: " Fn"+" C" to turn on Pairing mode )2. Ultra slim design, thickness of key is 4mm, light weight and easy to carry.3. Clamshell bracket design to make your IPAD at the best viewing angle to meet your visual needs. Seven Color Backlight Design, High, Medium and Low 3 Mode Brightness Adjustment, Give you a Different Visual Enjoyment.1. Press to "brightness" button to switch the backlit, there are 4 modes, high, medium, low brightness and no backlit.2. The button on the right of "brightness" is to switch the led backlit color, there are 7 colors, blue, green, red, Cyan, purple yellow. White.Durable Battery Life The lithium-ion battery will provide up to 120 hours of continuous operation and up to 133 days of standby time. Compatible modesNew iPad 2018 9.7"(A1893 / A1954)iPad 2017 9.7"(A1822, A1823)iPad Pro 9.7(A1673, 1674, A1675)iPad Air 2(A1566, A1567)iPad Air (A1474, A1475, A1476)Package Content:1 * iPad Keyboard Case1 * USB cable1 * InstructionScroll back up and click the Add to Cart button, and get the last wireless new iPad 9.7" & iPad Air keyboard case you'll ever need, GUARANTEED.
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Keyboard Case Compatible with iPad 2017(5th Gen)/2018 New iPad(6th Gen)/

Keyboard Case Compatible with iPad 2017(5th Gen) 2018 New iPad(6th Gen) Air Air2 iPad Pro 9.7-360°Rotating Back Cover-Aluminum BT Wireless Keyboard - 7 Colors Backlit(Only Compatible 9.7
When you use the iPad to write, do you fund it troublesome and annoying just because the on-screen keyboard does not have enough functions so that you cannot type fast?-With our iPad keyboard case, you are no longer bothered by this trouble. Simply install your iPad into the iPad keyboard cover to instantly making your iPad looks like a mini Mac Book, then you can enjoy faster and more accurately typing, and you don't have to worry about the iPad slips off at all.Do you feel uncomfortable if your iPad case can only stand at a fixed Angle? -Our iPad Pro 9.7 keyboard is with 360-degree rotating case, open angle is up to 180 degrees, that could posit your iPad at a perfect angle for easy viewing and typing. The powerful hinge keeps your iPad at the exact angle you set that provides you comfortable visual feeling when you lay on bed or sofa!Do you have input trouble when the light is too dark that you cannot see the buttons clearly?-Our iPad air 2 keyboard adopted the latest LED Back lit Panel backlight technology rather than the LED Bulbs Array to make the lighting display softer and more natural and not to hurt your eyes at night. The degree of power saving is high. You can adjust the brightness at any time according to your needs. And the ambient light makes your iPad looks fantastic! Which iPad modes are compatible?2018 iPad 6 (A1893/A1954)2017 iPad 5 (A1822, A1823)iPad Pro 9.7(A1673, 1674, A1675)iPad Air 2 (A1566, A1567)iPad Air (A1474, A1475, A1476)How many hours does the battery lasted?-About 30 days (without backlight) / 5 ~10 hours (with backlight) / Standby time: 330 hours.-Charging time: 2-3 hours.What's in the box?1 x iPad Keyboard case1 x Micro USB Charging Cable1 x User ManualWe promise that we will give you full refund if you are not satisfied with our iPad air keyboard case. If you like it, please hit and buy.
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ZAGG – Rugged Messenger – Backlit Case and Bluetooth Keyboard – Co

ZAGG – Rugged Messenger – Backlit Case and Bluetooth Keyboard – Compatible with 2018 (G6) and 2017 (G5) Apple iPad 9.7” – Durable Case with Built-In Stand – Multiple-Device Pairing – Black
ZAGG’s Rugged Messenger Apple iPad Bluetooth keyboard and backlit keyboard case is durable, protective, and adjustable. This iPad case is engineered with a snap-on screen protective shield and a built-in stand that will protect your iPad from damage while it is stored in your bag. Additionally, the adjustable stand permits you to set up the iPad for multiple viewing angles, making video watching, Facetime, and web browsing much more comfortable. The Rugged Messenger is designed to fit the 2017 Apple iPad 9.7" screen. It has a durable outer case that can withstand an impact from a direct fall of up to 6.6 feet. The case will protect the front and back of the iPad, allowing it to resist scratches or screen damage as it travels in a backpack or travel bag. ZAGG’s Rugged Messenger iPad dual-system case is also multiple-device Bluetooth compatible. The Rugged Messenger will permit you to connect two (2) individual devices that use Bluetooth connectivity and easily allows the user to toggle between both. This Apple iPad detachable case permits you to operate in both case and keyboard mode for complete versatility. The backlit laptop-style keys (available in 7 unique colors) deliver a very comfortable type experience, allowing you to type easily in low-light conditions. Plus, the built-in battery for the keyboard is long-lasting. In fact, it can last for up to two years between charges. In addition, the smart engineered wake/sleep function helps preserve the battery life while the keyboard is not in use.Troubleshooting tip-If your rugged messenger cannot establish or maintain a bluetooth connection, reset the bluetooth module by charging your keyboard.
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Keyboard Case Compatible with 2017 iPad 9.7" (5th Gen) & 2018 N

Keyboard Case Compatible with 2017 iPad 9.7
The Tezzionas iPad keyboard cover for your iPad.Your iPad does a lot for you but you could always get more out of it. One way to do this is accessorizing to make your iPad do more for you. The iPad keyboard case is an accessory that you just have to get to enjoy the full iPad experience. With a keyboard case you can make your iPad into a notebook laptop and get all your typing done faster. The iPad Keyboard is compatible with a range of iOS devices like the 6th generation and 5th generation 9.7" iPads and the iPad air 1. Ultra slim and portableThe keyboard case is meant to complement your iPad in every way. It seamlessly blends with your iPad which easily slides into place to allow for faster typing. You will also like the fact that the keyboard is practically weightless allowing you to carry it so that you can use your iPad on the go. The case also has keys with the Mac Book design which makes it easier to type more accurately.Sturdy formThe iPad 2017/2018/ iPad Air keyboard has a strong build that guarantees long years of service before you have to worry about a replacement. Made from high-quality aluminum alloy and tough plastic, the keyboard offers clamshell casing that gives your iPad the extra protection it needs to keep it from scratching and also protects from spills. The case is also fitted with hinges that allow you to turn the iPad in ergonomic angles for comfortable usage. The adjustable folio cover has a 130-degree adjustable angle which makes it easier to type and view your device.Long battery lifeEnjoy hours of usage with the in-built rechargeable lithium batteries that give you up to 6 days of operation with the back light turned off. With the back light on, you can get 5-10 hours of operation from a single charge. With the Tezzionas keyboard you can finally enjoy hassle free usage of your iPad while protecting it better accidental damage.
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Phixnozar Shuang-1 Keyboard Case Compatible with iPad 2018 (6th Gen)/201

Phixnozar Shuang-1 Keyboard Case Compatible with iPad 2018 (6th Gen) 2017 (5th Gen) Pro 9.7 Air 2 & 1 - Colorful Backlit Keys & Long Working Time (Black) - 9.7
Here's the iPad 9.7’’ Case keyboard that will change your life! Don't like typing on your iPad's screen and yet you also don't want to add bulk or weight to your slim and sleek device? Well, we have designed a practical, stylish and premium solution that will cater to the needs of every 9.7’’ iPad owner! Presenting the ultimate 9.7-Inch iPad keyboard case by now, you should know that not all iPad keyboard cases were created equal. Here's why you should pick ours: fully adjustable – use the double-rotating hinge to Flip and fold the cover to 360 degrees. Insanely durable – Made with premium aluminum material which includes the keyboard and the case. Assembles in a second – just use the press buckle to assemble and disassemble The iPad in a moment's time. Matchless practicality – includes 7 colors Backlit keys and 2 sides breathing light that enables you to work even in dim light conditions. Extra-long working time – 5 hours with the backlit on and 120 hours when the backlit is off. Fully compatible with: 2018 iPad 6th generation (A1893/A1954) 2017 iPad 5th generation (A1822, A1823) iPad Pro 9.7 (A1673, 1674, A1675) iPad Air 2 (A1566, A1567) iPad Air (A1474, A1475, A1476) and the best part? Our backlit iPad keyboard is accompanied by our 2-year warranty as well as our 100% 30-Day money-back guarantee in case you encounter any issue with your purchase! Just scroll up, click ‘Add to Cart’ and make it yours today!
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iPad Keyboard Case for iPad 9.7 2018 2017/iPad Pro 9.7/iPad Air 2/ iPad

iPad Keyboard Case for iPad 9.7 2018 2017 iPad Pro 9.7 iPad Air 2 iPad Air 1 - Boriyuan 7 Color Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard Case Folio Smart 360 Rotate Stand Keyboard Cover for iPad 9.7 inch(Silver)
Boriyuan Aluminum 7 Color Backlit Keyboard Case Hard Shell for New iPad 9.7 /iPad Pro 9.7/ iPad Air/ iPad Air 2. On the back of the tablet, near the bottom, you will find the Model of your iPad. ★★★Pls note ONLY for: IPad 9.7: A1822/A1823 IPad Pro 9.7 : A1673/A1674/A1675 IPad 5/Air 1 : A1474/A1475/A1476 IPad 6/Air 2 : A1566/A1567 Feature: 1. 360 Rotate Stand Keyboard Case and 180 Degree Flip: 360 rotate stand keyboard case, choose the best way you like, you can either use it like a laptop in keyboard mode, or 180 degree flip the case into book mode. 2. Protective Case: Provides excellent protection from bumps, scratches, dirt, shocks and other daily damages. 3. Backlit Keyboard Case for iPad: The incredibly effective backlight design provides you with different brightness levels. You can change the colors of the keys to your liking in just a few taps.If you're planning on doing a lot of typing in a darker environment, This one is your best bet. 4. Turn Your iPad into A Mini Laptop in Seconds If you have heavy writing needs and don't want to go with a heavy laptop, this one is a good choice, just turn your iPad into a mini laptop in seconds. How to connect the Bluetooth? * Open the cover, the keyboard will be turned on automatically. * Turn on the Bluetooth of your iPad 9.7/ iPad Pro 9.7/ iPad Air. * Click ""fn"" + ""C"" keys to open the Bluetooth of the keyboard. * Go to your iPad bluetooth setting, click on bluetooth and look for "Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard"" in the searching page. Just select it. Packing Included: 1 * Stylus 1 * User manual 1 * Plastic Screen Protector 1 * Micro USB 2.0 Cable(ONLY for charging the keyboard, NOT for iPad) 1 * Backlit Keyboard Case ONLY for iPad 9.7 /iPad Pro 9.7/ iPad Air/ iPad Air 2(iPad not included)"
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iPad Keyboard Case for iPad 2018 (6th Gen) - iPad 2017 (5th Gen) - iPad

iPad Keyboard Case for iPad 2018 (6th Gen) - iPad 2017 (5th Gen) - iPad Pro 9.7 - iPad Air 2 & 1 - Thin & Light - 135° Folding - Wireless BT - Backlit 10 Color - iPad Case with Keyboard (Matte Black)
TYPE. BROWSE. PROTECT. ALL YOUR IPAD NEEDS IN ONE TOOLThe Slimbook takes mobile computing to a new level. Now you can enjoy laptop-like typing anywhere you take your iPad. Its slim design and backlit keys make it a joy to use anywhere, anytime, all the while keeping your iPad safe from bumps, scratches and spills.FOUR VERSATILE MODESA protective cover and detachable keyboard supports 4 use modes - Typing, Viewing, Reading,Presenting - giving you amazing versatility135 DEGREES. THE CASE THAT WORKS FOR YOUThere's a right angle for every situation and it's not always 90 degrees. Our patented, award-winning design ensures that the Case stays in place once you've got that perfect settingDESIGNED FOR OPTIMAL TYPINGEdge-to-edge layout of well-spaced keys helps ensure familiar laptop-like typing. Mechanical scissor keys are tuned for productivity with 1.5 mm key travel, an optimal depth for comfortable and responsive typing. IPAD CONTROLS AT YOUR FINGERTIPSA full row of iOS shortcut keys put iPad controls at your fingertips, change volume, language and more, all without leaving the keyboardFEATURES10 color backlit keyboard, 3 levels of brightness, 3 dynamic modesABS keys with silent, responsive X-type designAuto sleep/wake to maximize battery life90 days continuous use, 10 hours using backlight on single chargeCOMPATIBILITY?New iPad 2018 (A1893, a1954)?New iPad 2017 (A1822, A1823)?iPad Pro 9.7 (A1673, 1674, A1675)?iPad Air 2 (A1566,A1567)?iPad Air (A1474, A1475, A1476)WORLD CLASS SERVICEAll purchases are backed by a 12 month hassle-free warranty. If something breaks, we'll send you a replacement. All purchases come with lifetime technical support that is guaranteed to be fast, friendly and free
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iPad Keyboard Case 9.7 Compatible iPad 2018(6th Gen)/2017(5th Gen)/iPad

iPad Keyboard Case 9.7 Compatible iPad 2018(6th Gen) 2017(5th Gen) iPad Pro 9.7 Air 2 & 1 - 360 Rotate 7 Color Backlit Wireless BT iPad Case with Keyboard - Auto Wake Sleep (9.7 inch - Rosegold)
GREENLAW KEYBOARD CASE for iPad 9.7 2018,, iPad pro 9.7, 2017 iPad 9.7, iPad Air, iPad Air 2 Compatible Models:New iPad 9.7 2018(A1893 / A1954)iPad 9.7 2017(A1822, A1823)iPad Pro 9.7(A1673, 1674, A1675)iPad Air 2(A1566, A1567)iPad Air (A1474, A1475, A1476)Looking for a cool and high-quality iPad keyboard case? Want to transform your iPad into a laptop in seconds?Choose us!Protect your precious iPad and keep it stylish! No more scratches, no more accumulated dust!Description:✔7 colors backlit: This iPad case has 7 different backlit LED colors (red, white, green, yellow, blue, purple and cyan), 3 level brightness.✔360 Rotate Stand Keyboard Case and 180 Degree Flip: Built-in hinges allow the iPad to be tilted up to 360 degree to provide the most comfortable viewing position.✔Auto Sleep/Wake Function: When you close the case it puts the tablet in sleep. It wakes it up when you open it.✔Ultra Slim and lightweight: Good looking case, well made and durable.✔High-quality: The keyboard is responsive and typing is comfortable. Perfect Access to all Switches, Sockets or Camera.Package Content:1 * iPad Keyboard Case1 * USB cable1 * InstructionOne year warranty and 30 days money back guarantee.
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