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ONIKUMA PS4 Headphones - ONIKUMA PS4 Gaming Headphone with 7.1 Surround

ONIKUMA PS4 Headphones - ONIKUMA PS4 Gaming Headphone with 7.1 Surround Sound - Xbox One Headset with Noise Canceling Mic - Over-Ear Headphones for PS4
How do our customers think of us?about sound qualitythe sound quality for this price range is unusually great. It has full surround sound, where the sound moves based on direction, and a balanced sound: not overbearing bass or highs while both are still present. -Minasan19sound quality is awesome, surround sound is great, allows me to hear the animals and foot steps and whatnot in my Hunting game. Same with FAR cry 5 when I'm out hunting game to get extra cash, I can tell if they're behind me to the left of right or whatever. -Kormathabout microphone...partner (who lives 700 miles away in Wisconsin), said My Voice was the most crystal clear he'd heard it in ages. -Bludingutzthe outgoing sound is equally as clear, and the mic only pics up what it should pick up. Background noise will not key up your mic, and you will hear no static. -Angie dennisabout comfort level>...after I received mine, I immediately used it for a 5-hour gaming session. I wear glasses, which sometimes can be annoying while wearing headsets and start to feel painful after a while. I didn't feel any discomfort even after 5 hours. Both the cushioning on the top and the pads around the ears are very comfortable, and they seem durable too. -Joost Op 'steel eyndei wear glasses, and I've usually found that over-the-ear headphones are really painful after a while. As such, I usually default to earbuds, which allow me to listen to music for longer periods of time. However, I saw these headphones and figured I'd give them a try. And you know what? They're really comfortable, even with glasses on! I have them extended, so that they aren't pulling up on my ears at all (so they're just resting on my head and over My ears), and they're very comfortable -David mortensonspecifications:driver Diameter: 50mmimpedance: 16 ohmsensitivity: 114Db +/- 3Db at 1khzfrequency range: 20hz-20khzmic sensitivity: -36Db +/- 1dbmic impedance: 2.2K ohmheadset interface: 3.5mm + USB (USB for LED light)platform: PS4; XBOX one; PlayStation Vita; gameboy advance games, consoles & accessories; game Boy games> onikuma headset is your best friend in game playing, no matter from the concept of product itself or after-sale customer service.wear ONIKUMA Headphones, realize heroic dream.‚Äč
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